Woven resistors are power resistors in the form of semi-rigid foils. Each foil can support one or more resistors.
They are used in load banks, especially in portable (lightness) or on-board applications, in EHV applications, as heating resistor for dryers, drying cupboards, heating rings (pipes, filters) or heating cases, or as heating or defrosting resin overmolded resistor.

Main features

This technology provides numerous advantages, including:

  • the possibility of designing power resistors with high ohmic values: from 1 Ω up to more than 10 kΩ

  • reduced weight and size (for example: 150 g for a 960 W resistor)

  • good thermal properties

  • resistors designed to withstand high voltage

  • low inductance: no coil in the resistance circuit

  • high flexibility in terms of dimensions: from a small size to a length of several meters


Woven resistors are flexible mats constructed with :

  • a resistance weft wire

  • a nonconductive chain warp thread wire for maintaining the resistance wire

  • plain strips at the ends for mechanical fixation

Series and models

Each woven resistor is designed according to the required specifications or to your specific needs in terms of power rating, ohmic value, operating voltage, current intensity, dimensions, shape, even for a single unit.

Examples of woven resistors are shown on this website and in the technical documentation.

Download the technical documentation on Woven Resistors :