Motorized potentiometers and rheostats are modules designed to remotely drive the angular position of an axle.
They are suited for remote control applications or regulation functions, especially under harsh environmental conditions.


These modules are constructed with :

  • a gear motor

  • a clutch with a torque limiter

  • position sensors: cams and potentiometer or rheostat

  • mechanical stops for limiting the travel angle

  • an optionnal rotary knob to manually adjust the angular position

  • terminal connections

The entire module is assembled either as an open-frame construction or in an enclosure.

Series and models

A motorized potentiometer or rheostat is always a custom design that goes with a specific description, or a replacement product defined by its reference or designation or by the description of the product it has to replace.

Some examples of our achievements and their main characteristics are shown in the technical documentation on Motorized Potentiometers and Rheostats.

Download the technical documentation on Motorized Potentiometers and Rheostats :