Wirewound resistors are characterized by :

  • ohmic values from 0,1 Ω to 440 kΩ
  • power ratings from 8 to 1325 watts

For requirements beyond these values, resistor assemblies are used.
Every ohmic value can be supplied in the range of feasible values.


Wirewound resistors are constructed with :

  • a winding of low temperature coefficient resistance wire – or corrugated tape – on a tubular ceramic core
  • a coating – except on specific models – keeping the wires in place in high temperatures
  • terminal connections (optionally adjustable) and mounting brackets

Series and models

The standard RCA Series consists in 12 different models (RCA-1 to RCA-12) with different sizes and wattages.

For each model, the power rating and the range of feasible ohmic values depend on the type of coating :

  • cement coated resistors: from 0,1 Ω to 440 kΩ, up to 1325 W
  • silicon coated resistors: from 0,1 Ω to 440 kΩ, up to 570 W
  • vitreous enameled resistors: from 1,2 Ω to 60 kΩ, up to 600 W
  • corrugated tape resistors: from 0,68 Ω to 68 Ω, up to 1000 W

“Ayrton-Perry” type windings (very low inductance) can be supplied for fixed or adjustable models.
RCA resistors can be fitted with various types of terminal connection, fixed or adjustable lugs, mounting brackets.

To choose an RCA model and its mechanical and electrical characteristics, use the technical documentation – downloaded from this page – or tell us your requirements: we will be happy to help you chose the best solution for your needs.

Other non-standard products can be provided on request or as replacement parts for old models.

Non-standard products and examples of resistor assemblies are shown on this website and in the technical documentation.

Cement coated RCA

Silicon coated RCA

Vitreous enameled RCA

Corrugated tape RCA

Download the technical documentation on Wirewound Resistors :