Our 1,500-square-meter buildings provides all the space we need for the tools and the structure that allow us to design and produce on-demand components, products and equipment while optimizing cost and delivery time.

Our departments

The technical sales department listen to our customers to :

  • help them set their specifications

  • assist them in choosing a solution that will meet their needs/requirements

  • design non-standard solutions at the pre-project level while using our broad in-house range of proven products and solutions, and to submit an offer

The product and manufacturing engineering department:

  • designs of non-standard products (CAD/CAM) in conformance with the pre-project design

  • creates production documents

  • adapts the process tools and operations

The purchasing department manages an inventory of the critical materials and components to provide the shortest delivery lead times possible

The mechanical shop, with an integrated sheet metal shop to internally manufacture metal frames and housings that conform to specific dimensions in the required lead time

The winding shop has a variety of machines to:

  • wind a large range of types and dimensions of wires and ribbons onto ceramic cores of various shapes as single units or in a series

  • weld resistor terminals

  • coat and bake (ovens) resistor windings: cement, silicon, vitreous enamel

The resistor weaving shop with multiple machines producing woven resistors in a wide variety of sizes

The assembly and wiring shop assembles resistors, electronic modules, electromechanical products and the complete systems

The potentiometer shop carries out all the manufacturing operations to produce precision potentiometers:

  • ultra-thin wire winding

  • wiring, welding, assembly, visual checking – all done with binocular microscopes

  • electronic testing and electrical parameter recording

The test laboratory where products and systems are tested, validated and controlled

The quality department develops our quality system and supervises all continuous improvement action plans

The administrative department handles sales administration, accounting, etc.